July-August 2018 Prayer Letter

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July-August 2018 Prayer Letter

September 3, 2018

“This is the day the Lord has made”… Psalm 118:24


Dear Friends and Family,

I’m just peachy!

I can hardly believe that I have been here since December 4, 2017. Time has gone so quickly, but the Lord’s work is not done yet. I can see that my time here is moving in a positive direction as I continue to get established and adjusted to my life as a missionary. Though there is a balance, I need to keep focused, put God first and stand firm in His Word, stay healthy, keep my heart soft and stay on a schedule. It’s an honor being part of God’s plan and seeing how He works in so many ways.

I recently completed my third trip from El Estrecho, along with teaching and guidance to live out a faithful life with Christ. I see unification and growth in their lives. Some people are starting to read their Bibles everyday and others are definitely showing more interest to read the Bible. Praise God. Pray for them to continue in their studies as they grow.

As I continue to establish my ministry, I feel led to visit three orphanages and help support them to purchase food for the children. I also went on another trip and taught in San Lorenzo. We will be planning another trip for next year to San Lorenzo along with planning on teaching in other smaller villages.
Through it all God has shown His faithfulness as I advance in the Lord’s work.

Back in Iquitos, I have an American friend, a sister in Christ that has been helping me out with some logistics around town. She has been a blessing and an encouragement for me. I am still working on the water tower near my apartment for better water distribution and availability.

Upcoming next year, we are setting up two different mission trips for any of you that would want to help out in Peru. First trip will be the third or fourth week of March, 2019 and second trip sometime in August 2019. Pray about joining me. Pray God will provide the right people.

Looking forward to coming home to Pennsylvania October 22, to get some rest and catch up with everyone.


See my prayer requests below.

Prayer Requests:

Pray for my health
Pray for refreshment
Pray that the water tower will be up and running soon
Pray that I will be able to get wifi at my apt. someday or a better place to stay
Pray for the salvation of my neighbors
Pray for the orphanage that they will be provided for

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In need of many essentials, even food!!




                                                                                                          River Boat Trip

A familiar sight





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