February 2020 Prayer Letter (2nd)

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February 2020 Prayer Letter (2nd)

February 27, 2020

Dear All,

He gives power to the weak , And to those who have no might He increases strength.

Isaiah 40:29

Pray, Pray Pray!

Will you please join us in prayer for the upcoming Pastor’s Conference March 9-14. March 9 is just a short 10 days away. God is moving and we are really excited to see how HE will use this conference.
The teachings will be on serving the Lord, for families and individuals.

Please take a moment to lift up the conference in these ways.
Pray for:
*Good weather for the conference. No rain would be nice.
*Health, patience and flexibility for me and the other speakers.
*The internet at my home is currently out of service, pray for the bugs to be worked out so we can finish our planning on time.
*Safety for Ron and all other travelers and attendees.
*God’s spirit to move mightily.
*Funding for the conference to be paid in full.
*Victory over spiritual warfare.
*Clarity of the message.
*PRAISE ~ The boat has been repaired and ready to go.

Muchas Gracias for every prayer lifted for us and for your ongoing support for this ministry!!

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