February 2018 Prayer Letter

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February 2018 Prayer Letter


February 17, 2018

Dear Friends and Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I greet you all in the name of Jesus!

Up Up and away. It was a two hour flight to Estrecho, if we went by boat it would have been 2-25 days (depends on what kind of boat you take). I was told that it would be too dangerous to travel the river by boat to these isolated places. We were way way out there, this area is depressed, lonely, and at times hostile and violent because of drug runners. The last time they had a missionary visit has been a couple of years, that is one reason that Saul and I went to visit and encourage. Saul’s last visit was twelve years ago.

El Estrecho (meaning narrow) is a town along the banks of the Putumayo River. We found only four churches there within the population of 5,000 to 8,000, with very few church goers. The churches there have split three times because of divisions and so are in need of good leadership, literature and Bible teaching.

I urge you, brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who create divisions and obstacles contrary to the teaching you learned. Avoid them, because such people do not serve the Lord Christ, but their own appetites. They deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting with smooth talk and flattering words.
Romans 16:17-18

The local churches that we made contact with were very receptive and enthusiastic to our teachings and would like us to return.

Not sure what will be the best way to help at this time, but I pray that we would be able to send the leaders some study Bibles and other literature for their studies. Please pray for the people of Estrecho.

I am back in Iquitos, studying and working on the next mission trip and will concentrate on San Lorenzo Maranon River, getting costs of Bibles and literature from Lima to send to leaders in Estrecho and San Lorenzo. I will also be meeting with MEPI with the hopes of discipling and making more leaders from this group.

As far as my housing goes, I will be staying in my current apartment for now, since it is very low rent.

I’m going to be going out on the river for 2 weeks on 2/18. More details will be available on MY SITE in the future so keep watching but for now I’d like you to keep me in your prayers-especially for safety.

God is amazing and all the glory goes to Him!

Miss you all!

Digging a well.

I got to help dig a well for one of the

churches while building






Sleeping quarters this time around

Just Peachy


I took almost 70 pictures and put them into a slideshow HERE-ENJOY!!

Prayer Requests

I am thankful for your constant prayer and support during this time away, and for following my journey while in Peru. I can not do this without you.

Please continue to pray for:

  • Continued protection in my native land
  • Great need for literature to be taken back to the churches, pray that God will provide a way
  • Follow the Lords’s leading on where He would have me be most effective
  • Open doors of ministry where the Lord will be glorified
  • Endurance to do God’s work
  • Pray for health and that the Lord will keep me strong
  • Pray that the churches will be renewed and encouraged
  • Upcoming outreaches
  • Plans for the next trip
  • Pray the Lord keeps me holy and separated unto Him and that Satan’s schemes to trip up any Christian on the front lines would not effect me as I continue to trust in Jesus.
  • Pray for my health-that the Lord would keep me strong and healthy.
  • An air conditioner-it’s VERY HOT here!!


If you would like to be involved, then go HERE!!

In His Grace,