August 2019 Prayer Letter (2nd)

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August 2019 Prayer Letter (2nd)

August 17, 2019

Hi all,

Pray without ceasing..
1 Thessalonians 5:17

Here are some things that we can ask the Lord’s help with for this conference.

Pastor Mark injured his knee and will not be able to make the trip.  So the conference schedule will be a little mixed up.  Certainly the Lord was aware of this all along and we are just finding out what His plans were.  The other speaker is a missionary in Iquitos named Dustin Webb.

And this is the prayer request.  Basically most of this trip and conference deal with the unknown.  From the weather to the schedule to the attendees.  We know what we planned and what we prepared for but the unexpected and the final plans from the Lord are yet to be discovered.  When these new plans are revealed, please ask the Lord to help us with a perfect peace.  Knowing He is in control and letting your mind know it are not always the same.

Ron leaves at 6 PM on Monday evening.  The long river trip is scheduled for early Thursday to San Lorenzo.  Thursday night is a ‘meet and greet’ and the conference begins Friday morning.  The last session was scheduled for Sunday afternoon.  We’ll see.  And then the long boat ride back to Iquitos on Monday.

The schedule of the conference for the traveling and teaching is on the website. You can also follow the calendar and pray each day during the conference. Peru for Jesus!

In His service,

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