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On January 9th, 2019 I returned back to Peru after 2 months of planning in the USA with my Team as well as personally visiting churches and individual supporters of my ministry.  I am now safe back in Iquitos, Peru and looking forward to what God will do here!!


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 Peru for Jesus


Ron flew to Peru to teach at the March 2020 Conference but the corona virus has made it very difficult for him to get back to his wife in the USA.  Please pray that he is able to safely get home.  Here is his email from March 21, 2020:

I am still here.  And not sure on when or how I am getting out.  I am in a small hotel in Lima and am restricted to leaving once per day to bring some food back.  I have a clean bed, running water, electric and get two eggs for breakfast.  I can heat water so I can make Ramon noodles and coffee. 
I am healthy and most of the time emotionally ok. 
It is not knowing when or how this will end.
The ministry part was hard.  Probably the most difficult I remember but also the most profitable.  Being there changed me for the better.  I feel really blessed to have seen and been a part of what God is doing in that part of the world.  My mind is running with ideas.  But I need to get home. Lindsay has been alone for 14 days and is going through all the craziness there by herself.  She is ok but it is not good for her to be alone for so long and no end in sight.

Now we see what Jesus will do as we pray!!
Peru for Jesus!
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