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I’m on a long mission trip in Peru and wanted to share some things.

March 2020 Peru Pastor’s Conference Media is HERE

2019 Peru Pastor’s Conference Media is HERE

June 2019 pictures are HERE

My May 2019 slides are HERE

Slides from February 2019 are HERE

My August 2018 slides are HERE

In June 2018 I put photos HERE

My slide show pictures from Requena are HERE!

I also made a short video during my February Requena trip HERE!

My January pictures are in a slide show HERE!

My first video I made showing “River Travel” is HERE!

Next is a slide show of some of the many pictures I’ve taken over the years.  That is HERE!

Last is just a short take of one of our praise songs here in Peru.  That is HERE!

If you would like to be involved, then go HERE!!

In His Grace,